We are an approved Vendor for Ocean Grove Charter School

Please contact us for any questions or to schedule an evaluation. Once evaluated, the student will be placed in the most appropriate swim group.

Monthly Swim Instruction fees:

Dolphins, Age Group 2 Teal, Age Group 2 Silver- $80/mo

Age Group 1- $85/mo

Teen Group- $75/mo

Junior Group- $95/mo

Senior 2 Group- $95/mo

Pre-Senior Group- $105/mo

Senior 1 Group- $110/mo

(Level is determined during the evaluation)

PO's need to be submitted by month to your E.S. for your students "Swim Instruction"

There is a $5.00 discount applied to each additional swimmer after the initial swimmer, so please confirm with our team manager before your E.S. submits your PO, for your weekly/monthly "swim Instruction" fee. 

Ocean Grove Fees DO NOT COVER:  $75 family registration fee (payable to Seaside Aquatics Club) and $73 per swimmer insurance fee paid annually. (payable to Pacific Swimming)  Also, families are responsible for the summer months: June, July and August.

We look forward to helping your student with their Physical Activity needs!!

Swimming = Health!